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In addition to being a family photographer, I’m a husband, and a father, so I get it: pictures of your family, pictures of your children, are incredibly important. I hate to say it – it’s so cliché – but those kids of ours grow up so fast. Those photos in your phone’s camera roll that you took just a few months ago already look outdated. The problem is that it’s also incredibly inconvenient. I mean, who wants to take up a perfectly good afternoon by having a stranger with a camera invading your personal space?  No thank you.

That’s why I go out of my way to make sure everyone is relaxed. Everyone is comfortable. The whole experience can actually be…dare I say it?… FUN.

Growing up, every year or so, my mom would take me and my 4 siblings to one of those studios for our annual blue-backdrop-everyone-fake-smile-and-look-to-the-left photos. I still have some of those framed 8x10s in a box somewhere in my basement, but do you know what I really cherish? I LOVE the photos that my mom took. She was no photographer (by any means) but those candids that she took transport me right back to my childhood. Now that I’m all grown and have a family of my own, that’s my inspiration. Never do I want to see photos of my family making fake smiles and looking to the left. I want photos of them laughing, of them expressing their love; I want to see my unique family, not just another generic image.

That’s how I approach family photography.

You’re family is just as wonderful and unique to you as mine is to me. That’s why I approach every family session as the unique experience it is.

Have a question? Want to know more about how this whole thing works? Ready to book a session? Contact me today 🙂

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Because there are no two families that are the same, every family session is unique!

Whether a lifestyle session in your home, or a family session at the park,

we work together to make sure that your photos represent YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

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