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MED SCHOOL – Photographs and Stories From Inside

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 In 2016 there were just over 53,000 individuals that applied to medical school in the United States. After completing four years of undergrad, completing pre-medical school required courses, and taking the Medical College Admission Test, these applicants felt ready to pursue their dream. Some volunteered in hospitals, others did research in laboratories, some worked as EMTs, and others came from non-traditional backgrounds. Admission essays were written. Then they were re-written. These applicants did everything in their power to make sure their application was the best. Of them, less than 40% were accepted (

In this collection of images and stories, Andy Dowd – professional photographer-turned-medical student – gives a glimpse into what happens within the walls of medical school. Once all of that hard work getting into medical school pays off, what happens next? How are young students turned into physicians in just four short years? Andy Dowd uses stunning photographs and emotional, first-hand accounts from the students themselves in an attempt to answer these questions.


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