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Geneva & Raaj | Engagement | Charlestown, MA

One of the things that has always excited me as a photographer is the opportunity to check out new places. So when Geneva, a classmate of mine, got in touch with me and asked me about an engagement session in Charlestown, I was totally psyched. I have had engagement sessions in all different parts of Boston (like Sarah & Lee, over at Faneuil Hall), but I don’t even think I’ve ever been to Charlestown (I didn’t even know that Charlestown was a part of Boston until being educated by Geneva & Raaj).

We met at Bunker Hill Monument, which sits at the northern end of Boston’s famed Freedom Trail. A small grassy park atop a steep hill, the area had a great mix of tourists looking for peri-revolutionary information as well as locals relaxing in what seems to be the de facto community backyard. For our purpose, it made for a great start and an amazing vantage point to explore the local neighborhood. We walked up and down the nearby streets, pausing to take advantage of the local architecture.

We then made our way to the Charlestown Naval Shipyard Park, which sits on the southern edge of the neighborhood and has AMAZING views of Boston’s North End. Geneva & Raaj hopped on their bikes while the sun was setting, casting a golden glow across the skyline and boardwalk alike. Despite the perfect weather and view, we were alone on the pier, less a few locals walking their dogs.

Geneva & Raaj: you two could not have been more adorable together! Thanks so much for showing me around this beautiful area. It was so nice getting to know you two as a couple, especially because your happiness is so infectious 🙂

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