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Eike & Staci | Worcester Couples Photography

Pro tip for all you guys out there: hiring a photographer to take some professional photos of you and your significant other is an awesome idea. Most couples think about it after their engaged, with the tradition of having engagement photos done. Most of the time the guys are reluctant to go through the process of the photo shoot, while the women are super excited about it. Read between those lines: if you are a guy that would normally be reluctant to have your photos taken, and your significant other would be psyched about it, man up and bite the bullet. She would be so impressed that you had such a good idea, especially since she already knows it’s outside of your comfort zone.

That’s what Eike did. He contacted me a few weeks before Valentine’s Day this past February to let me know that he wanted to give Staci a photo session as a Valentine’s Day gift. Wicked good idea, Eike. Even better was the fact that they wanted to do the session at the home they shared in Worcester. No need to travel to some far off park just for some perceived photo-ops. Home is where the heart is, so why not have the session there? Like almost every single person I have ever photographed, they wanted to tell me ahead of time that they weren’t comfortable in front of the camera, that they weren’t photogenic. Lies! All lies! These two looked so good and couldn’t have been more natural.

Eike & Staci, thanks for allowing me to come to your home to photograph you two! I had a great time getting to know you as a couple, and I loved meeting your super cute dog as well!


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