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Everyday is Craft Day – Family Photography

For some reason, our son Ashley, isn’t that big into toys. To be clear, it’s not that he doesn’t have any toys – he gets a TON at Christmas and his birthday, and then randomly throughout the year – it’s that he doesn’t really play with them. He’ll sit down and knock out some cool LEGO builds, and once in a while he’ll play with the other random stuff for an hour or two, but his real jam is making his own crafts. Specifically, he makes things out of paper. Get this kid a ream of HammerMil Multipurpose, and he’s in his zone.

Most days we’ll find him at the kitchen table drawing and cutting out things to keep himself amused. Add in the fact that both of his parents are professional photographers, and you get some pretty cute lifestyle/documentary photography sessions with this kid.

I feel really lucky because this is the type of photography that really gets me excited to grab my camera. I love photographing people as they are; this holds especially true for kids. Let them be kids. Sure, grab those safe shots that you’re going to have framed and sent to Grandma, but in then end, remember who they are as individuals, as kids, as people.

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