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New York City | Annual Trip & Street Photography

Every single year since maybe 2007, Michele and I have spent a early December night in New York City. We’ve stayed in the financial district, the upper part near the park (whatever that part’s called…). One time we stayed in some sketchy hotel in Queens that had some really nice custom choppers in the parking lot. American Chopper-level-choppers. When we got closer for a better look, we saw that they were decked out in swastikas (painted on, on the mirrors, foot pedals, everything). Super freaking scary. It’s also where we got engaged (NYC, not the sketchy hotel full of white supremacists). The point is that we’ve been around.

Typically, we just hit up the touristy stuff. You know, the Rockefeller tree, Times Square, the Macy’s display. Well this year wasn’t that much different, except we brought along the kiddos. We usually use this as a date night away, but this year we wanted the whole tribe to have the experience.

We hit up the go-to sights, and even checked out the view from the Empire State Building in the chilly weather. The whole time I had my camera out and tried to hone some of my street photography skills. It can be a challenge to enjoy a place in both family vacation and photographer mode, but I took a crack at it. As I gathered the images for this blog, I thought to myself where the line is: the line between being a serious photographer taking photographs that tell the story of a city, and just a husband/dad taking snapshots of the family. And then, you know what conclusion I came to? There is no line. This is my photography. This is my blog. It’s my attempt at street photography AND it’s documentation of my family trip. And you know what? I think you’ll like it.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ever since my amazing wife gave me a GoPro for Father’s Day last year, I’ve been using it at every chance I could get. This short video is from the AMAZING top of the Empire State Building:




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