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Happy(?) Labor Day!


Yes, yes, I am just as excited for autumn colors, cool hoodie-weather nights, and my wife’s various pumpkin candles smelling up our house as anyone else, but does that mean I’m ready to say goodbye to summer? I don’t think so.

Not only does it seem as if Labor Day comes more quickly every year, but it also comes more abruptly. One day I’m thinking about all of the beach plans I still have, and the next, BAM, I’m fishing my old L.L. Bean fleece out of the back of my dresser. How does this happen? Where’s the warning?

Scenic GreenfieldPIN


If nothing else, Labor Day allows for reflection. Surely there are many things that I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to, but is there anything that I actually accomplished? Looking back, I think so:

  1. Built a treehouse for Ashley. Did I know how to build a treehouse? No, but I did it anyway.
  2. Went sailing with Michele
  3. Went to the beach
  4. Hiked Mt. Wachusett with the family
  5. Took Ashley to Santa’s Village
  6. Had friends over for a fire
  7. Took the family through Purgatory Chasm
  8. Michele and I taught Ashley to ride his bike sans training wheels
  9. Got to see some good friends get married
  10. Took A LOT of pictures. I’ve done more photography shoots this year than all of last year
  11. Finally went on a Duck Tour in Boston. Ashley got to drive the Duck in the Charles river
  12. Went to the zoo, went to the museum
  13. Got to spend the 4th of July with family at Lake Winnipesaukee
  14. Went on numerous Pokewalks with the family

There are regrets, of course, but really not even enough to make a list. I would have liked to go to the beach more. We really wanted to go up to Mount Washington. We even planned that one a few times, but the weather never worked in our favor. Having the chance to reflect, it makes me realize how great of a summer I had.

So like it or not, Labor Day is here. I can only hope to continue making the best of every day. And even though Summer is (unofficially) over tomorrow, there are still PLENTY of autumn activities to look forward to. Bring on the L. L. Bean. Bring on the Pumpkin Spice.


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