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Sarah & Lee | Faneuil Hall | Boston MA

About a year and a half ago, Michele and I purchased a season’s pass to the Boston Aquarium. On our first visit, we parked in the recommended lot, which is literally underneath a really nice little park in Boston’s financial district. The walk over to the aquarium, which was about 10 minutes away, was lined by beautifully adorned concrete and glass buildings, which cast the streets in amazingly creamy light. We new right away that we wanted to do some work there.

Michele had the opportunity to shoot there not too long ago with Michaela & Kash; a shoot that ended up being featured on The Black Tie Bride. I was unable to shoot that day due to a conflict with school, so when Sarah and Lee contacted us about a shoot, I was thrilled to learn that they were interested in shooting in this Boston area.

They met in England, when Sarah was in grad school and Lee was serving in the British Army. They have since moved back to Sarah’s home city of Springfield. When they met us in Boston, Sarah told us that they love any excuse to get dressed up, and Sarah even made her own skirt!


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